segunda-feira, 19 de julho de 2010


Estou sem palavras.

Deixo para vós o que para cada um, fizer sentido.



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Maria Gabriela disse...

Toquei aonde pensava não existir. abri uma porta para sentir ... ser e ir. Muito Grata. Precioso. Obrigada a todos. Abraço. gabriela

Sonia Rodrigues disse...
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Sonia Rodrigues disse...

palavras para quê_

Sonia Rodrigues disse...

Working with you is like going to a Spa for a day but getting massaged inside. You have such an energy that all my molecules react. And then I spend a day or two waiting for the "system" to rearrange my cells in an adequate way after such a blast. ;-)

The thing with this kind of work is what happens as waves afterwards and how it affects others as much as yourself. So pleasant to acknowledge being a part of a system, and more times than not, finding a new place to be is really insighful. When it's better than chocolate.